Karmela A. Embassy professional
Location: Fulham
Brief: Wardrobe and cosmetic edit, set up storage systems

“I admit that I really love clothes, shoes and make up – a bit too much I realised! My wardrobes and bathroom cabinets were overflowing and I could never find what I wanted. Jane and Sharon were fantastic! They grouped and zoned everything and once I was over the shock of how many white shirts and hair products I owned, it was easy to thin things down and keep the best. I didn’t have to buy shampoo for months! I also loved the storage they recommended.”

Tazeen A. Lifecoach
Location: Cobham
Brief: Organising storage and wardrobes in new house

“Jane and Sharon are amazing at what they do. With their help, I was able to organise my home quickly and efficiently. They are hard working, committed to getting results and have invaluable suggestions and contacts in achieving your goals. I have used them on a few occasions and would not hesitate to use them again and highly recommend their services.”

Hugo C. Management consultant
Location: South Kensington
Brief: Restore minimalist calm to bachelor pied a terre

“After one consultation, they quickly understood what I needed to make my home function better. Professionally, I set up systems, yet found that hard to do at home. I travel extensively and Jane and Sharon created systems that I could maintain to keep my life in order. They even found me a cleaner who was happy to collect my dry cleaning.”

Dianne N. American ex pat
Location: Chelsea
Brief: Extensive organisation of family home

“Pick up and call these girls!!! We moved to a charming Georgian house in Chelsea from a large Californian property and I quickly discovered how much less space I had. My husband found Sharon and Jane for me and although I was sceptical at first, he was absolutely spot on. They helped me get control of the house and set up storage and systems to make things run smoothly for our family. They were such a pleasure to have around, especially when you feel a bit isolated when you arrive in a new country. They shared their little black book with me and quickly brought in a handymen and a carpenter. Thoroughly recommend!”

Elizabeth B. Merchandise Director, leading British fashion label
Location: Sloane Square
Brief: Designed and sourced bespoke storage for shoes and accessories

“Fashion is my business and I love my clothes and shoes as much as I love my friends! My lifestyle is hectic and I’m only at home to sleep sometimes. I was well overdue a wardrobe edit and needed to be able to find what I needed easily. Sharon and Jane immediately identified ways to display and store ever item and encouraged me to let go of some items and curate others. The highlight was the cabinet they designed to showcase my favourite shoes, using their brilliant carpenter.”

Cressida S. Professional couple with busy family life.
Location: Chiswick
Brief: Restore order and calm to a busy family home that was causing stress.

“My mother-in-law saw how stressed I was and offered me a spa weekend to relax. I realised that the source of my stress would still be there when I got home, so instead I spent the spa money on The Spacemakers. Best money my mother-in-law ever spent! Jane and Sharon listened to my woes and frustrations, quickly identified the key problem areas and sorted them. As a bonus their handyman put up over 20 pictures that should have been done years ago. Sharon and Jane were my guilty pleasure over four days and the house was so different that my husband wondered where I had got all the energy from…”

Aliya O. International student
Location: Knightsbridge
Brief: Wardrobe edit/general declutter before moving

“The Spacemakers saved me. I had my Finals at university and needed to get my daughter into a new school on the other side of London. Jane and Sharon quickly and calmly helped me to prioritise the items I needed, sorted my dry cleaning and thinned down my ‘very considerable’ wardrobe! I was so impressed that I booked them to unpack and organise my new apartment. They intuitively knew exactly how to set up every aspect of my new home over a couple of days. It would have taken me ages to have got this sorted – if ever.”

Sylvia M. Professional couple with large family
Location: Richmond upon Thames
Brief: Extensive declutter and organisation through every room in the house now that 3 were away at University

“We have a wonderful family home but we’ve been so busy working and raising four boys that we haven’t really updated how we run the house. With three sons at Uni, it was time to call in the professionals to help. Sharon and Jane helped me full back in love with my house. They tackled every room from bathroom to kitchen systematically and cheerfully. I dreaded it initially but found myself looking forward to their visits and felt so much lighter sharing the tasks with them. It gave me peace of mind to know that all our unwanted items were responsibly and thoughtfully moved on. Highly recommend.”

Jo R. Mother of two with husband who travels extensively
Location: Sunbury on Thames
Brief: Helped restore order to family home after a long illness.

“After a long illness, I didn’t have the energy levels to deal with my home on my own. Sharon and Jane were like two new supportive friends, and ones that didn’t judge or make me feel uncomfortable. I realised that my children had more toys than they could every play with and Jane and Sharon’s experience with their own family life gave me the confidence to ‘let it go!’ Life with less stuff is actually very liberating.”

Caroline N. Bereaved family
Location: Wimbledon Village
Brief: Young widowed mother needing help and support to get home and systems back on track

“When my husband died, I didn’t know how to cope or where to start sorting things out. Thank you so much for all your practical help, and kind understanding. This really helped me get through a difficult time and enabled me to move on with my life. Sometimes you need someone other than friends and family to step in. I really appreciate all you have done. Many thanks.”

Anne H. Artist
Location: Esher
Brief: Organisation of studio and artist materials.

“Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes (and two pairs of hands!) are just what is needed to restore calm and order. In a beloved working space created over many years, things can get a bit out of control as I hate to throw things away. Jane and Sharon’s sensitivity and good humour were like a gin and tonic. The days went quickly and the result was much better than I could have hoped. Have recommended to several of my friends.”

Sheldon W. Professional single man
Location: Barnes
Brief: Moved into late mother’s house and needed help decluttering and support.

“Sharon and Jane have been my wise guides on my decluttering journey. When I first contacted them I was at a low ebb having recently lost a close relative. They arrived on time and conducted a whole tour of the house and provided practical advice on taking those first few steps. To date, I have had two decluttering sessions with Sharon and Jane and on both occasions it has been performed to a high standard. Spacemakers were chosen because I liked the idea of two people clearing clutter – it seems like a great idea.”

Gabrielle R. Professional single woman
Location: Putney
Brief: General declutter in small apartment

“I finally realised that I was never going to have the time or inclination to start decluttering by myself and was both excited and nervous about my two decluttering sessions with Sharon and Jane. It was as good as a holiday (almost). Their energetic and humorous approach was infectious and I can’t believe how many trips were made to the charity shops. My flat already feels like a different place and I feel I can carry on with smaller decluttering jobs by myself, inspired by their words of wisdom.”

Heidi P.
Location:East Sheen
Brief: Home organisation before return to work after maternity leave

“Finally I have a wardrobe with clothes that I can actually wear and fit me, and a second bedroom that looks like one and not a dumping ground. My front room now is child-free in the evening which is so-ooo nice. Their handy man Mike was brilliant and put up all our paintings, photos and safety gates – things that I had been meaning to do for three years. I feel confident to return to work and feel in control again and like my old self. Thank you ladies!”