Stress free house moves and renovations

Moving on

If you are moving house, there is no need to take your clutter with you. Use this opportunity to streamline your possessions and take only those items that you love and need. We can help you to declutter and organise before the Departure Day.


We have a wealth of experience in this area and are sensitive to the difficulties and challenges that some of our clients face when downsizing, especially when moving due to divorce or bereavement.

Staged homes sell faster and for more money. If selling your home, visit our Award winning home staging business Dressed2Sell for more information. 

We are closely affiliated with London based professional removal company Davis & Mac.

Moving in

If you’ve just moved in and are overwhelmed by boxes, we can restore order into your life. We transform your new house into a home as quickly as possible and discover ways to use the new space for your lifestyle and needs.


When you are planning renovations to your home, bring us in to look at how to best to use this new space. We will recommend practical yet aesthetically pleasing solutions.

If you need to move into one area of your home, or completely move out, during renovations, we can help you with professional packing and storage.

Visit our sister company Unpack and Organise to find out more.