How we work

1. You’ve decided to make that change, so call us today to have a chat about your needs and we’ll explain how we can help.

2. It’s a date! We arrange a convenient time for your initial session.

3. Forty eight hours before our session, we’ll text you a reminder to confirm your address and our arrival time.

4. D-Day arrives! We come with a game plan and spend a little time getting to know each other and looking at areas of concern before we hit the floor running. As there are two of us, we quickly transform your space and set up systems to help you manage your home.

5. We know that letting go of certain items can be hard, but we can help you with this process. We can take things away that day if required.

6. We recommend storage solutions and provide links and prices. We can also give you exclusive access to The List, our indispensable and carefully chosen range of storage and homecare products.

7. Result! You take back control of your own home, experiencing with regained clarity and calm.

8. For more complex situations, we recommend booking a series of sessions to keep the momentum going.

9. Our emphasis is always on discretion and if required we can provide a confidentiality agreement for peace of mind.

Where we work

London and areas within the M25.