Tazeen A, Cobham - Setting up new home and storage solutions

"Jane and Sharon are amazing at what they do. With their help, I was able to organise my home quickly and efficiently. They are hard working, committed to getting results and have invaluable suggestions and contacts in achieving your goals. I have used them on a few occasions and would not hesitate to use them again and highly recommend their services." 

Gabrielle R, Putney - Busy professional in small appartment

“I finally realised that I was never going to have the time or inclination to start decluttering by myself and was both excited and nervous about my two decluttering sessions with Sharon and Jane. It was as good as a holiday (almost!).  Their energetic and humorous approach was infectious and I can’t believe how many trips were made to the rubbish tip!  My flat already feels like a different place and I feel I can carry on with smaller decluttering jobs by myself, inspired by their words of wisdom.” 

Sheldon W, Balham - Recently bereaved

“Sharon and Jane have been my wise guides on my decluttering journey. When I first contacted them I was at a low ebb having recently lost a close relative.  They arrived on time and conducted a whole tour of the house and provided practical advice on taking those first few steps.  To date, I have had two decluttering sessions with Sharon and Jane and on both occasions it has been performed to a high standard.  Spacemakers were chosen because I liked the idea of two people clearing clutter - it seems like a great idea!”

Susan E, Wandsworth - Helping set up home systems for busy family life

“I was looking for help with decluttering my house but more importantly help with running an efficient home with kids around. It's one thing to tidy up and clean the house but it's another to have an efficient, dynamic system that can handle the incoming artwork, sports gear, toys and school bags that quickly accumulate in a family home. I wanted to find people that understood this dilemma and Sharon and Jane were able to relate to every aspect.

They helped to offer a fresh view on what was working or not working in our home. I appreciated that they listened to what was important to me and guided me towards achieving those goals. Additionally, they were also able to offer ideas on where to source additional shelving or cabinets that I needed. That day was like a kick start that got things rolling.”

Philip C, Chelsea – Moving home

“I am so relieved that I was saved from the hassle of moving in the current market simply by a good clear out and some clever new furniture and storage. I am amazed how much space I actually had under my nose! As you know, I am prone to being an “eternal student” and not terribly tidy, but I have to admit after your good work, the place is much easier to maintain and has stayed relatively tidy, much to the relief of all my friends.”

Norma B, Mortlake – Practical help to restore house to home after divorce

“When Jim and I split up, I didn’t know how to cope or where to start sorting things out. Thank you so much for all your practical help, and kind understanding. This really helped me get through a difficult time and enabled me to move on with my life. Sometimes you need someone other than friends and family to step in. I really appreciate all you have done. Many thanks.”

Heidi S, Streatham - Working parents lacking time to tackle clutter

“One of the best things was the way The Spacemakers have organised my laundry system as I seemed to washing clothes every day - that used to really get me down. Now I have a system that works and less stress because of it. I have a wardrobe with clothes that I can actually wear and fit me, and a second bedroom that looks like one and not a dumping ground.  My front room now is child-free in the evening which is so-ooo nice. Their handy man Mike was brillantt and put up all our paintings, photos and safety gates - things that I had been meaning to do for three years.

They were my 'guilty pleasure' for those four days, and I feel so much better for having them come in and help.

When I was debating with myself on “Should I? or “Shouldn't I do it?” and weighing up the price, I thought of the time that it would take me to do it and whether I would do it by myself?  I don't think I would ever have got it done, and certainly not create the calm serene environment that it is now.  Yes,it seems expensive at the beginning but the finished results paid for it twice over.

Would I do it again? Oh YES!  I'm already thinking that when my little one has grown a bit and needs to move into another room that The Spacemakers will be called to come and help.”

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