How We Work

Once you contact us, we glean as much information as we can by phone, including your objectives and an initial indication of the level and nature of work involved. As you have made a commitment to declutter, we like to get moving as soon as possible.

The next stage is to visit your property. We can then form a more accurate estimate of how much time will be involved. Then it’s time to start work...

Phase One – Decluttering

Most of the time decluttering is spent working together, sorting through items to decide what goes and what stays. These are bagged up and labelled accordingly. We encourage recycling, as far as possible - items can be donated to charity shops, friends and family or put on Freecycle. Alternatively. you may be able to sell them at car boot sales, through local newspapers or on EBay.

Phase Two – Making the Most of Your New Space

Once the clutter is weeded out, it's time to organise what is left. We look at the best way to use your space.

We rearrange furniture and items to make a space that is both practical and attractive. Where necessary, we recommend additional storage solutions. However, often clients find that they do not require any further storage but just to use existing storage they have in a different way. Again, we’re there to help.

Finally, we can begin the task of organising and developing systems – labelling and neatly storing items. Our aim is to make sure that life runs smoothly and efficiently in the space you have and that clutter doesn’t return.

The Spacemakers

Sharon Johnston & Jane Cooper


Call us on:
0777 5915379 or 07850 074048

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