Why Declutter?


Many of our clients have reached the point of despair when they call us.  Homes taken over by possessions and disorganised paperwork can seem too much to tackle alongside daily life.  It feels impossible to know where to start and how.  The Spacemakers can quickly assess the key problems and look at your lifestyle and daily routines and get stuck in to sorting out your home,  leaving you with storage solutions and handy tips so problems don't return.

Combining homes

Whether it's an elderly relative, a new boyfriend or girlfriend moving into your home or you are recently married, adjustments need to be made.  More people are sharing the same space and it needs to work for everyone.

Changing rooms for a changing lifestyle

Whether it's turning a spare room into money by renting it out; a new baby needing a nursery;  a home office a priority or kids needing a play room, we can help transform your existing space to fit your changing requirements.

Separation, divorce or bereavement

We have experience and are sensitive to the difficulties and challenges that our clients face at these times.  Having the support you need from someone outside of your immediate circle can help you manage and move on at a time you are likely to feel very overwhelmed.

Moving home

Let The Spacemakers make this less stressful for you.  We can help you declutter before you move home so you don't take unnecessary items with you (or pay for them to be moved!).  We also help clients unpack and help you make the best use of your space and storage in your new home, whether you are up-sizing or down-sizing.

Clothing chaos

If your wardrobes are heaving with clothes you hardly wear, then every day you'll have to sift through 100% of your clothes to find the 15% actually worn regularly.  If you hone it down to the clothes that work for you and actually fit, you will dress with less stress and always look your best.

Hoarding and collecting

If you, or someone you know, has a home that is overwhelmed by possessions and it is difficult to move properly indoors due to the amount of items hoarded, it can be difficult to know where to start.  We can provide sensitive and practical help to restore the order needed.

Finally, peace of mind.

By decluttering your home, adding storage solutions and following our tips to keep things under control, you will feel energised, in control and free to do the things you really enjoy.

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